Dr. Eshe Faizah, Master Formulator, Master Herbalist, Organic Master Gardener, Wholistic Lifestyle Consultant, Creator and Mother of 4, has empowered people in taking control of their Natural gift of Health for over 25 years.


Dr. Eshe studied as an undergraduate at University of California-Berkeley, honed her herbal interest at Dominion Herbal College and received her doctorate from University of Sedona.  She has studied at The U.S. Kinesiology Institute and The University of Georgia.


She loves books on Gardening, Historical Herbalism, African Studies, Philosophy, Metaphysical and Natural Law.

She has blended her interests into a philosophy that she calls, “WombLoveology”, one that she is currently teaching throughout the world.  This Revolutionary, pro-active lifestyle towards taking care of the Womb is empowering thousands of Women to heal.


She has created  “Dr. HerbSistah’s Organic Master Herbal Formulas”  line of herbals that has created empowering, healthy womb lifestyles for thousands of Women.  

The incredible Womb Detox Tonic has helped Women to remove fibroids, cysts, BV and create babies where Women were told, none would ever grow.


Dr. Eshe has taught and empowered Women all over the U.S. and Caribbean for companies like The Tom Joyner Morning Show-Family Reunion, & The Fantastic Voyage Cruise,  Herbalismo, The Northeast Women’s Herbal Conference,  Taaliah Waajid World Natural Health & Beauty Show, Bronner Brothers and the  Annual Womb Wellness Women’s Conference & Womb Love Moon Beach Ceremonies, that she founded.


She created a world-wide Sistah Circle, “The Womb Love Calls” a  weekly phone conference, outreach & support network for successful womb & life strategies for Women since 2007, that has been referred to as “Church for the Womb!”.  Newly minted into “Womb Love Herbal Sistah Circle” this call is for Sistahs.


Dr. Eshe has a deep respect for Nature, The Wisdom of Our Herbal Elders, Her-story, and our place in the Universe.  She weaves all of this into an unforgettable experience of stirring up our Energetic Source and allowing us to feel and  re-connect to this power into a powerful philosophy that she calls “WombLoveOlogy”, now being taught online and in catalyst sessions all over the world.


“We are a part of Nature, not apart from Nature.”

- Dr. Eshe Faizah  


www.herbsistah.com (404) 244-5565


Dr. Eshe Faizah, Mother, Naturopath, WombLoveOlogist,

Master Formulator, Author, Life-Changing Catalyst

Dr. Herbsistah's Organic Master Herbal Formulations