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Welcome to our New site!

By Dr. Eshe, Jun 1 2017 01:41AM

Great Herbal Day or Nite, HerbLovers!!!

By now you realize this isn't the same Dr. HerbSistah site that you saw on Sunday...

Yes, we have moved and will be re-creating a newer, bolder site look and feel!

There will still be tons of info, both classic and newly can read starting now...

And, in addition to the site.....your ordering can be done by phone at (404) 244-5565 or text.

Once we finish, we'll have a Grand Opening for our site, and a big party to celebrate!


Dr. HerbSistah

Jun 25 2017 12:09AM by Henrietta Turnquest

WOW, thanks so much for your devotion to the wellness of women. I love the Sarsparilla Full Body Detox

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