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By Dr. Eshe, May 30 2017 12:33AM

Endocrine disruptors: how to read deodorant labels properly?

Zoe | May 27, 2017 | Health | 0 Comments

Aluminum, parabens, phthalates … The list of ingredients on the deodorant label is endless. But how to spot unwanted substances? We take stock with our naturopath who, in addition, explains how to develop a natural and effective alternative to the “supermarket deodorant”.

Deodorant “health”: what you need to know

Anne-Claire Meret, naturopath and author of several books on the subject, explains that when selecting a deodorant, certain substances listed on the label are “to be avoided as a priority”. These include:



Propylene glycol


But for the naturopath, one must above all try to change habits in relation to deodorant: “I advise to avoid putting deodorant systematically. Try to use it only when you need it, when it’s hot or when you have more intense periods of perspiration … “In those moments, avoid as much as possible the antiperspirant deos” Which prevent the body from doing its natural elimination work. ” The best is still to use only natural or homemade deodorants.

I make my natural deo in less than 2 minutes

Here is an ultra-simple recipe of natural and effective deodorant proposed by our naturopath:

On wet skin, spread a thin layer of baking soda , or apply natural alum stone (without aluminum hydrochloride). Finish your natural deodorant by adding a few drops of an essential oil you like the smell (palmarosa or sage, for example, are very effective).

The “anti-perspiration” lifestyle

In general, it is possible to “control your sweating” by paying attention to some elements of everyday life: first, “avoid unnatural shower products that can modify the pH of the skin and influence sweating.”

Next, “prefer a healthy diet with plenty of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, and limit animal products and by-products, as well as acidifying foods for the body that create imbalances (coffee, black tea, white sugars, Industrial products). Beware of alcohol and tobacco.”

Finally, it is important to “practice regular physical exercise (at least twice a week for 45 minutes, and walk every day at least 20 minutes). You can go to the sauna from time to time if the sport does not sufficiently eliminate perspiration.”

Thanks to Anne-Claire Meret, naturopath, practitioner in EFT (energy psychology techniques) and author of “Naturopathy for Dummies”, with Anne-Marie Narboni (Éditions First, 22,95 €) and “La naturopathie “, To be published on June 8, 2017 (Éditions First).

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