Herbal Detox Soap


We all need to remove the toxins from our skin daily, from deep in our pores, there resides all of the products that we have ever used.

Herbal Detox Soap gently lifts all of those old residues from our pores to allow our bodies to fully utilize our largest organ, our skin.

Moving wastes and impurities from our bloodstream and organs through our skin is one important method of detoxing.

Very gentle and has shown great improvment in cases of Eczema, Allergies and Highly-Sensitive individuals.

This natural, organic & gently scented lemongrass soap can be used daily and all over the body.  One Emory M.D. puts all of the newborns on this soap, so the entire family uses it...face, vagina, hair, body, the Herbal Detox Soap is a frothy, lathering wonder!