Moon Cycles of Life E-Class


This class allows you to become fluent in the ways that the cycles of the Moon influences our Lives.  That is why this course is named, "The Moon Cycles of Life"

We all realize that there is information that our Grandmothers used that helped them understand how to read the information provided by the cycle of the Moon.  Many of us remember this, we just don't know how to use it...
• Learn the Moon to cut your hair for growth.
• Learn when to plan your business.
• How & Why to Journal Moon-wise.
• Learn what phase of the Moon to have bodily procedures done.
• Learn when to Detox.
• Understand your Fertility and your best chances for Pregnancy or Control.
Learn all of this,  in this class and use this information to have more success, happiness and reconnect with the energies of Nature for your highest good!

You will be emailed a e-book and given a passcode to an online audio guide that will expand your knowledge of the ebook.

Indispensable !