Parasite Fiber Dewormer-30Day


A n herbal flax meal that has 36 different herbs that kill, stun & remove diagnosis needed.

Everyone has parasites, all mammals, all animals.   And everything eats something.  Think about us humans, we eat ants, crickets, dogs, chicken, lamb, cows, deer, snakes, almost anything, a human will try and eat it...kinda gross when you really think about it!

Doing a Parasite Detox significantly  moves the parasites & yeast, which is also a parasite.  II believe  yeast is a primary stimulator and feeder of Fibroids and other womb issues.  

Parasites also can be the root cause of Cysts, especially, when you learn of the cyclical nature of Parasite Life Cycle, it coincides with the repeated return of Cysts.

If you have BV, Cysts, Fibroidsj, Infertility, or just about any othter Womb issue, you need to do a regular and long (3months-min),  Parasite Dewormer and make sure you keep up with your Enzymes and Probiotics right along with the Dewormer.

Everything that is offered as an option, is also, part of the Premium Parasite Detox  Program.