Parasite Kleanzing Diet E-Book by Dr. Eshe Faizah


"One must start at the foundation to have great health!" - Dr. Eshe

Removing the Parasites is the foundation of good health. Once you remove them, most of your issues will be on their way to a healthy solution.  Read this e-book and understand the impact that Parasites have on your:
• Weight
• Lung Issues, like asthma, allergies
• Chronic unexplained illness.
• Diarrhea or Constipation.
• Excessive or non-existent appetite
• Inability to lose or gain weight.
• Skin issues like Eczema.
• Bloated-ness & Indigestion.
• Energy
And much more...Learn what to eat during what seasons to keep the worms down.
You will be so happy to provide you & your family with this first line of defense in building their immune system.
Based on Science and "The Wisdom of the Elders".  
A must-have!