Probiotics - 90vcaps


Probiotics are Life!

'Pro', means "For" and "Biotics" means "Life", so "Probiotics are "For-Life".

"Anti" means 'Against', so 'Anti-Biotics' means "Against-Life" must always take Probiotics when you take Antibiotics...

This is one of the reasons, that Women with Womb issues have so many problems with Fibroids, BV, etc, is because they have used many, many rounds of A nti-Biotics and their natural Flora is out of whack.

This is why you must maintain a regimen of taking Probiotics, always.

They must be refrigerated, that is how they maintain the life in the capsules.  

Personally, I don't believe the non-refrigerated ones (for long periods of time) maintain their strength very well.