Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox - 64oz


This liquid smooth-tasting full body detox works with all kinds of issues:

   Moves out mucus.
   Balances Blood Pressure.
   Increases & softens Bowel Movements.
   Stimulates Proper Function of Internal Organs.
   Cleans & Clears the Blood.
   Moves yeast from the system.
   Assists in Weight loss.
   Increases  & assists with digestion.
   Relieves gas, indigestion and bloating. (Also, get Enzymes on this site)
   Increases energy.
   Clears blood.
   Reduces cholesterol.
   Assists in internal scar tissue removal.
   Helps one get better sleep.
   Mild taste.

Good for Men's Nature & Circulation..Great in Combo with Rooster Booster!
Most people that use this tonic refuse to stop.  It works so well and tastes so mild.  It has assisted in all types of issues.  Try it on yours!