Your Herbal Order is Different with Us!


Rarely do we have any herbals on the shelf...

We make every thing when you order it,


So give us 7 to 10 business days to grind, make and ship your herbal order!


You will receive a tracking number in your email,

1 to 2 days before we actually take your order to

the Shipper.


If you become concerned about your shipment, count up 7 to 10 days, then, please search your email for your shipment tracking number, then call, email or text us...Many times we are contacted and the package shows up while we're on the phone.




If you have a challenge, please call or text us

so that we may help you find your best system

for using your herbs.



We believe that herbs are foods and can

help us to heal.


We believe that there is a rhythm to nature and that We are a part of Nature,

not apart from Nature.


We believe that the Womb is the battery of Women, designed to be plugged into nature

to be recharged.  

The beach, sand, grass, gardens, ocean....


We believe that we have lost that "Wisdom of Our Herbal Elders" knowledge and

we are now reclaiming it.


We  acknowledge that our body is connnected, emotionally, nutritionally, physically, spiritually and our healing needs to address each of our aspects.